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Any plans of yours to take a break after several months of hard work? If so, then travelling may be a great idea. To be sure that your hard earned money is spent rightly, here are a few of budget travel friendly tips to bear in mind. Read more great facts on La Paz, click here. 


Number 1. Call the hotel before booking it online - though it is convenient to make online travel arrangements, it does not guarantee to give the travelers that best deals possible. It is best that you call the hotel first on the expected time of arrival and talk to the manager or supervisor on duty. Inquire if they can give you affordable package during your stay. Typically, some hotels will give discounts to guests who prefer rooms that are not coveted as the others. For those who celebrate anniversaries or birthdays, there are hotels that are offering complimentary upgrades for the night. Learn more about Oaxaca Tours, go here. 


Number 2. Do comparison of airline tickets - people actually prefer buying tickets on the web primarily because of the convenience it provides. On the other hand, it is important that you make comparison first by calling the airline company and check if their ticket price is the same to what's displayed online. When buying tickets, it is recommended as well to consider additional fees. As soon as this has been made, go for the one that is offering lower rate.


Number 3. Book everything alone - third parties similar to travel agents and even booking websites are offering services to arrange everything seldom work. Typically, there is an equivalent fee that goes with them. Travelers can save more cash by booking every element separately via contacting the airline and hotel they prefer. Through this, they can have the option of contacting other choices for doing price comparison.


Number 4. Ask for repositioning flights or cruises - cruise lines and airlines normally reposition their trips from time to time. It is a lot cheaper compared to conventional trips but offering the same service to customers at the same time. One important thing that you should take into account however is, travel time for the repositioned trips might take longer than normal.


Number 5. Avoid to travel during peak seasons - since the number of tourists are going up, so does the travel costs. When visiting a particular place during holidays is a good idea, travelers are more likely to save hundreds of bucks on their accommodations and flights if they wait until the season is over. Please view this site for further details.